When to come to Mardi Gras

Deciding when to come to Mardi Gras depends upon what kind of experience you are seeking. Although Mardi Gras officially starts January 6th, the actual parades don’t begin for a couple of weeks. Two weeks before Mardi Gras, there are parades during the day and night whereby during the week the parades are held only at night.

The most popular weekend is the weekend before Mardi Gras Day. This is the weekend where the largest organizations have their parades. We call them “SuperKrewes” because they have more than 500 members and they throw the biggest balls and parades. Many visitors come to town the Thursday before the weekend and sightsee Friday and have Friday night’s parade, all day Saturday and Sunday parades, Monday night parades. Then they have all day Tuesday to celebrate Mardi Gras’ biggest day, which is called Fat Tuesday. Wednesday everyone leaves the city.

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