Future Dates

Mardi Gras Day (aka Fat Tuesday) is held on a different date every year, however, it is always the day before Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is 40 days before Easter, which can fall on any Sunday from March 23rd to April 25th with the exact date to coincide with the first Sunday after the full moon following a Spring Equinox. Phew!

In New Orleans, celebrations officially begin on January 6th, which is also known as Twelfth Night. On that date, King Cakes become available and a masked krewe rides the St. Charles Ave. streetcar through the city. The majority of festivities and parades are held two weeks before (and on) Fat Tuesday. Make your plans now to come to New Orleans!

  • 2017 February 28
  • 2018 February 13
  • 2019 March 5
  • 2020 February 25
  • 2021 February 16