Party Supplies

Get the right looking paper plates!
Don’t be shy – pile as much jambalaya, gumbo and kingcake as you can eat onto any of our colorful Party Plates! Not only will these round plates keep your carpet and floor space clean, they will add a festive touch to the serving area! In bright purple, green and gold, these disposable plates will also make cleaning up a breeze.

King Cake Babies

Pink little babies are ready to hop into your King Cake and start having fun! You might be wondering, “Why on earth would a plastic baby be inside of a cake?” Well, the baking of King Cakes is a tradition in New Orleans that begins on King’s Day, at the start of the Mardi Gras season. A tiny baby, just like the ones you see here, is baked into the cake.

The person whose piece of cake contains the baby furnishes the King Cake for the next party (which are usually held once a week on Sundays until Fat Tuesday.) However, when celebrating Mardi Gras out of town, most people regard the person who ‘got the baby’ as the King or Queen of the party being held. Either way, it is a tasty way to spend an afternoon, and we promise you’ll love it, too!

A new idea that has recently grown in popularity at children’s parties is to serve cupcakes decorated like regular kingcakes and put a baby in each one. That way, every child will experience the thrill of finding the baby!

These babies should be hidden into your king cake AFTER it is baked. Do not bake this product into a king cake.

Every Detail Counts

Every detail counts when you’re hosting an event, so don’t forget beverage napkins with a Mardi Gras theme or in purple, green and gold! These durable 2-ply napkins are ideal for serving drinks and wiping up small spills, but would also be fabulous on your hors d’oeuvres table. You won’t find a simpler or less expensive way to keep your carnival-themed party festive while keeping dirty fingerprints off of your furniture!