Authentic Doubloons

The doubloon is one of the most enduring symbols of Mardi Gras. These highly detailed, brightly-colored coins are thrown from the floats and many have become collector items. Doubloons are stamped with the different carnival club logo on one side and the parade’s theme on the other, so that no two clubs have doubloons that are exactly alike, and each year they are different, too. They are minted in various colors, and from different materials, like aluminum, silver, bronze and now plastic.

If you are planning a party, doubloons take on a life of their own if used for decorations. They are an excellent conversation piece at a party. Just plop a handful here and there at your next party and people will start talking about the colors, the themes, the parades and their own memories of Mardi Gras. These recycled official aluminum Krewe doubloons come in a 50 piece bag and are assorted in Krewe designs and colors.

The new “Faux” Doubloons

New to Mardi Gras, metallic plastic coins from China offer the look of authentic New Orleans Mardi Gras doubloons without the cost. This official color triage of royal purple, majestic green, and rich gold coins are embossed with the same design on all of them and are 1 1/2 inches in diameter. This pack includes 60.

A little doubloon history…

Doubloons are aluminum coin-like objects bearing the krewe’s (Carnival Club) insignia or logo on one side and the parade’s theme on the reverse They were first introduced by the Krewe of Rex in 1960 and created by New Orleans artist H. Alvin Sharpe.