Party Timeline

Three weeks before the party:

-Select date.
-If you are ordering Mardi Gras Items, keep in mind that this is the busiest time of year for the Mardi Gras business, so therefore, leave plenty of time to receive your merchandise. Also many items sell out in advance.
-Learn about Mardi Gras from the library or with Mardi Gras Guide
-Create guest list for the party
-Send invitations.
-Date of party:
-Time: (starting, ending):
-Plan and select decorations, party favors, centerpieces, door prizes, etc. Many economical alternatives are available.
-Plan and select costumes, masks, beads and doubloons
-Plan the menu. A complete New Orleans Food & Recipe Guide here.
-Prepare grocery list, and don’t forget the Kingcake for dessert.
-Select and hire caterer/serving help (if needed)
-Book hall or party facility (if needed)
-Don’t forget the Music

A few days before the party:

-Call any guests who have not responded
-Buy groceries and beverages
-Order Kingcakes

One day before the party:

-Clean house, party room facility, or confirm reservation at hall
-Set up and arrange party room
-Get out serving pieces
-Coordinate last-minute arrangements with -caterer, servers

The day of the party:

-Decorate party room(s)
-Prepare and arrange remaining food
-Coordinate set-up, service, cleanup with hired helpers
-Mentally “travel through” party
-Dress in costume and be festive
-Await arrival of guests, set the mood and turn the music up high!

Remember if throwing beads say “Throw me somethin’, Mister!”  Just like in New Orleans at the Mardi Gras.

Have fun!