Make your own Mardi Gras Float

As children growing up in New Orleans, we waited anxiously for the coming of Mardi Gras, as did all of our friends. With nothing short of complete excitement, we eagerly anticipated not only the parades and the glittery costumes but also stuffing our faces full of KingCake and the guaranteed three-day hiatus from school (it’s a holiday for us!), and the fun of staging our own parade at school!

In this special section, you’ll learn how we made our carnival dreams come true, and how you can do the same for the children in your life (or the child in you!)

There are two kinds of floats we made: Shoebox floats for the classroom and Radio Flyer/Red Wagon floats for the parade around the school. Click on each of these for fun, different options!

How to Make a Shoebox Float
How to Make a Wagon Float