How to make a Shoebox Float

These little floats are much simpler logistically, but still as elaborate as wagon floats. You should accept nothing less than a majestic transportation device for your beloved Barbie doll rider. Things you will need for your dream float are:


1 shoebox with separate lid
Green tissue paper or aluminum foil
Scotch tape / Stapler
Mardi Gras Beads
1 Jester Doll

The first step is picking a shoebox. Usually whatever is hanging around your house that isn’t holding bills or other random junk will work. Oh, and by the way, it will need to have a lid. Now it is time to put your thinking cap on (remember that?) and create a theme for your float. Some suggestions would be “The Amazing Spiderman!” or “Poseidon’s Undersea Adventure,” and of course, “Goin’ to the Mardi Gras!” Your chosen theme will dictate how your float looks, and the materials you will need.

Take your box and cover both parts (the lid and the base) with the colored tissue paper or aluminum foil. You don’t need to cover the inside of the box with paper, only the outsides and the bottom. Now, flip the box over and attach the lid to one side of the box using the stapler or, if there is a parent around, a hot glue gun is a fantastic tool.

Now you are ready to decorate! You can write your theme on the side of the box in glitter, build a “seat” for your rider, or hang ribbons off the sides- be as creative as you can be! Find that old dollhouse furniture, jazz it up, and stick it on the float, too. The options here are as endless as your imagination! Have fun!