Teen/Prom Party

Have a Mardi Gras prom. It’s different, simple, and fun!

Is everyone at your high school sick of the same old prom? You know, the typical “A Night to Remember” theme that your parents used, their parents used, and has been used since the Stone Age? How about something new, something different, a UNIQUE prom idea that will be sure to please even the toughest prom critic? Just think of magic, romance, and enchantment, and what certain event comes to mind? The Crescent City’s specialty–Mardi Gras! You could incorporate all of the wonder that Carnival has to offer into your own perfect night. A Mardi Gras prom would be easy to put on and would be a lot of fun! Just see below for the simple steps that lead the way for a magical, special night that will be on the minds of promgoers for years to come.

1. Ask Permission:

Even though prom night is a given for most high schools, it’s still a good idea to ask the big boss (principal) for the go-ahead. Also, break out the planner, set the date and pick a time. Decide at this point if there will be a lock-in time, etc.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan!

Now that you have obtained permission:

Pick a theme/name for the night. Some ideas are:
“A Night in Carnival Town”
“Mardi Gras Mambo”
“If Ever I Cease to Love” (Rex, a Mardi Gras krewe’s, theme)

Form Committees:

Find the most responsible leaders in the school that are willing to work and get things done at the head of the committees with class and/or Student Council officers as supervisors.

Committees needed will be:

  • Fund-raiser
  • Decorations
  • Music
  • Location
  • Invitations and Prom Favors
  • Prom Photos
  • Food

Each committee should be assigned special duties and a time in which to complete them. The description for each committee is as follows:


Before you can hold a prom, you need some money in the budget! Hold a candy sale, a magazine sale, carwash, etc. If the price of the prom is high, as in $40 a head, tell each person to sell $40 worth of candy or magazines to make their ticket free. The person might just sell $20 and get half off. Fund-raisers definitely help keep prom expenses down, and they are a very good way to advertise the prom. (i.e. “What are you selling this candy for?” “I’m selling this for the Northwood High Senior Prom!”)


This committee is the head honcho group as far as a prom is concerned. They are responsible for deciding what the color scheme will be, and what type of materials are needed, while staying in-budget. Obviously, Mardi Gras decorations will be used, with a color scheme of purple, green, and gold. Decorations must set up before prom–outside, they could use a Mardi Gras Light Set or Banner inside, Ceramic and Handmade Masks. Decorations must also create the background for the pictures.


This is a hard one to figure out! The main decision here is a band (live music), or a DJ. It is a good idea for this committee to take surveys of what the students want so that one type of music is not the only kind played. The committee must also find the best price for the band or DJ–whichever is picked. You will want to play Mardi Gras Music if your theme is Mardi Gras.


If your prom is not going to be held at the school, then this committee needs to find another location. The new location must have enough capacity for everyone without the Fire Marshall having a fit, possibly offer catering services, and be inexpensive enough for the budget. They are responsible for making the necessary phone calls in order to book the joint.

Invitations and Prom Favors:

Find a company that does these services. Since this is a different kind of prom, you could use a different kind of favor–Feather Masks. They can wear them at the prom, like it is a masked ball. This is also going to have to be figured in with the admission price, within budget.

Prom Photos:

This group simply needs tofind a photographer or a photo group that will take quality photographs for a low price.


This may be drinks only. The best thing to order for a group of dancing teenagers is pizza.

Now you can plan the prom fun!!!

When each guest comes in, a string of beads could be placed around their necks, Hawaiian style (like a lei), or they could be given a feather mask.

Mardi Gras balls always have a King and a Queen. The students can vote on them at school and the winners can be announced at the prom. It could also be judged on who sells the most for the fundraiser, to let someone besides the popular students win.

Dance the Night Away!!!