Adult Party

To all of you adults out there–Has it been a while since the party was at your place? Want to “pass a good time?” Are your friends anxiously expecting you to liven up their evening? Well, how about throwing a party that will be so great everyone will say to themselves, “Gee, why didn’t I think of this?” In New Orleans , Mardi Gras is the biggest and best party around–and it can work for you, too! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll know how to throw an adult Mardi Gras Party!


We recommend the Arthur Hardy Mardi Gras Guide for selecting your theme – it contains valuable information about Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras traditions, and New Orleans that cannot be found anywhere else. This guide is the Mardi Gras “Bible” around the Crescent City! When planning your party – don’t leave home without it!

1. Send out Invitations

Remember to indicate on the invitation that this is a Mardi Gras Party and that guests should wear official Mardi Gras Colors – purple, green, and gold! As the host, you’ll want to be decked out in all your Mardi Gras finery–chose from decorate yourself selections with a MG Cap, or just accessorize or Beads, and for a really fun look–a Feather Mask!

2. Select a Menu – See Food & Recipes

Decide when, where, and how you are going to serve the food. New Orleans is known for its “good eats,” and you can certainly “jazz” up the evening with some Cajun eating! Continue your Mardi Gras theme when decorating your tables with purple, green and gold.

Soups & Bisques
Seafood & Entrees

3. Mardi Gras Decorations & Atmosphere

A party without music is like New Orleans without the French Quarter–incomplete! Get ready to boogie to the sounds of the Carnival Season if you put on Mardi Gras Music! Play it throughout the party for a festive effect! Beads are really versatile–besides wearing them, you can also decorate with them! Hang them from ceiling fans, furniture, anywhere and everywhere!

Make it known where the party’s action is wtih a Mardi Gras Flag! People will know they’re at the right place when they see the crisp purple, green, and gold hanging at your party destination!

String up the magical mood of carnival when you hang up a Mardi Gras Light Set over your partygoers–the purple, green, and gold colors will definitely set the mood!

The Party

1. Arrival of Guests

Welcome Guests and give each a strand or two of beads to wear around their neck to get them into the Mardi Gras spirit – it’s kind of like the leis that are placed around your neck when you get to the Hawaiian Airport, New Orleans style! Door prizes are a welcome idea for any party since everyone loves to get free stuff! These prizes should probably coincide with the MG theme that you chose – How about some clever Crawfish Suspenders or Mardi Gras Collector Items?

Create an air of mystery and give each guest a Feather Mask when they come. It’s fun to unmask everyone later in the evening and see who all the mystery people are!!

2. Games and Activities

Mardi Gras and New Orleans Trivia for the Jeopardy-loving partygoers, or for a more sit-down type of party.

Play Who Got the Baby Card Game
Play Mardi Gras Madness
For the wilder set – how about some fiesta limbo? Maybe some Carnival Charades?
Possibly make your party a Mardi Gras Costume Party or Ball and give out costume awards for Most MG spirit, Most Creative, etc.
You may also elect to choose a King and a Queen. They might have the best costumes, they might be the Guests of Honor, or you can just pick out of a hat! They can have the honor of leading the first dance or whatever you choose.

3. Party Wrap-up

Time for party favors, awards, and prizes! Some ideas are:

Feather Masks–Many Varieties
Doubloons–Official New Orleans Mardi Gras Doubloons
Jester Doll
Give your warmest good-byes!

Clean Up

You’re alone on this one! Assemble your own “krewe” to help pick up after the festivities!

Enjoy The Party!!